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Asian Diva Girls Links to Other Adult Sites

Okay, so you probably already know your way around the adult internet, so instead of directing you to the usual porn places you already know, I will provide some links to some perhaps lesser known adult sexuality/erotica sites which I enjoy. If you have any suggestions for links to add, please e-mail me.

"The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting." - Gloria Leonard

AIM Medical Healthcare Foundation - Info about STD's, Safe-Sex Protection and more...


Art of Erotica - Very large Erotic Art Resource Directory


Asian Sex Gazette - Adult/Sex news from Asia, broken down by country/region


Camille Paglia: Break, Blow, Burn - New collection of poetry by groundbreaking author


Clean Sheets - Erotic Fiction, Poetry and Reviews


Cult of Erotica - Erotic Art Gallery paysite featuring works by many new erotic artists


Erotica for Her - A Possible Way to Turn Your Female Partner On To Adult Erotica


Forbidden City Erotica - Asian Erotic Art Store where you can purchase erotic items


Geek Erotica - It's As Hot As Geeky Can Get (Couldn't help adding this link, LOL)


Karen Finley - A cutting edge Performance Artist and powerful writer


Literotica - Free Source for Erotic Fiction and Fantasy


MoSex: The Museum of Sex (NYC) - Exploring human sexuality through history


The Musée de l'Érotisme (Museum of Eroticism) - Erotic Art Museum in Paris...cool


Pulp Erotica - Free sex stories in the style of pulp magazines and paperbacks


Scarlett Letters - Humanist sex-positive web site...aka Genrefuck


Sex Laws - Links to Sex Laws In The U.S., U.K. and Elsewhere - Age of Consent Info, etc.


Sounds Erotic - Erotic Audio Stories to Get You In the Mood


Susie Bright's Journal - One of my favorite erotica blogs - good reviews and links too


Tango Magazine - Smart Talk About Love ... Targeted at women but good articles for all


World Art Erotica - Museum of Sex, History and Culture


World Sex Archives - Articles About Escorts Around the World


World Sex Guide - User Submitted Reviews About Sex Around the World



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