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Locations Needed For ADG Photo/Video Sessions

Asian Diva Girls photography/video projects are rarely shot in a studio (even though photo studios are often less expensive than the locations used in ADG shoots). The reason for this is that I prefer locations that look real. Studios often look bland and artificial. I think a good location with interesting and realistic props and settings greatly enhances the photos and video.

Therefore, I am constantly on the lookout for new locations to shoot at.

Have you ever been curious to see what goes on behind the scenes at a photo/video session, or do you have a residence or commercial location suitable for a photo/video project?

If so, please submit the following form (over 50 ADG Members, and even a few non-Members, have provided locations for ADG photo/video projects over the past several years):

Crews are kept to the absolute minimum. Usually just the model(s)/performer(s), and camera people (sometimes there may be a make-up artist, and some models are accompanied by a chaperone/agent to their projects). You will know in advance the number of people involved.

We ask that you also keep the number of people to the absolute minimum. As you will see, we operate quickly and professionally, and the less distractions and potential for unwanted noise while shooting there are, the better. If you are interested in helping out, let us know, and we can keep you busy (holding a video camera or microphone, helping to move lights, etc). Otherwise you are welcome to watch.

Generally the set-up (lights, etc) takes one hour, and the breakdown takes half an hour. Most projects take a minimum of two hours shooting time, so I generally try to ensure that the location is available for either four (4), eight (8), or twelve (12) hours. On the 8 or 12 hour shoots, more than one project is generally booked.

ADG provides all of the catering (food/drinks) for the people working on the project, and assumes the responsibility to ensure that the location is in the same condition when we leave, as it was when we arrived. Also, we do not allow alcohol or illegal drugs on our sets, so you will not have to worry about that.

Finally, most models are usually fine posing with you for some private photos at the end of the project. However, please ask first, and respect the models - they will tell you what they are comfortable with (and if you are even thinking about asking for sex, forget about it, that isn't going to happen, sorry...that only happens in the movies, lol).

Thank you for you interest in providing a location for a future ADG photo/video project. Hopefully we can put a project together.

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