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ADG Non-Adult Links

Okay. so let's say that sometimes you need a reprieve from all of the boobies and booties...What then? Have no fear, ADG has assembled a mighty damn good set of off the wall Non-Adult links for your pleasure and enrichment.

Have fun, but get yer ass back here when you want to the see the finest in Asian adult entertainment. Oh, and I should warn you, my interests tend towards the fringe...so please don't hate the site for that. Also, if you have suggestions for links, please e-mail them to me.

AdBusters - Learn How To Create Uncommercials


Air America Radio - An alternative to the right wing pundits (Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity, et al)


AK Press - A resource for unusual and controversial books


Big Bad Chinese Mama - A good source for Asian Mail Order Brides (hehe)


Boing Boing - A Directory of Wonderful Things, one of my favorite sites


Burning Man - Annual Participatory Art and Anarchy Festival in the Playa (Desert)


Church of the Sub-Genius - Once You Go Slack, You May Not Come Back


Comedy Central - Jon Stewart, South Park and other boob tube comedy (minus the boobs)


Dr. Science / Duck's Breath Mystery Theater - Dr. Science Knows More Than You Do...


FARK - Interesting, bizarre, and amusing news stories, plus cool PhotoShop contests


The Firesign Theater - Everything You Know Is Wrong...and more


Gray Areas - In life there is no black and white...only gray areas


The Harvard Lampoon - The World's Oldest Continually Published Humor Magazine


Jim Rose Circus - Official Site of the Jim Rose Circus Freak/Sideshow (not for the squeamish)


The Last Gasp - Mind Candy for the Masses, probably my favorite bookstore


Michael Moore - Unabashed left wing political commentator/satirist/lightening rod


Monty Python - Looking for the Meaning of Life? Start here...


The National Lampoon - From the folks that brought us Animal House (snarf)


The Onion - America's Finest News Source (A Satirical Look At The Headlines)


Penn and Teller - Magic Turned Inside Out and Other Cool Things


Rainbow Family of Living Light - The largest non-organization in the world


RE/Search Publications - The Alternative Culture Source


The Smoking Gun - Mugshots of Celebs and transcripts from tawdry trials


SRL: Survival Research Labs - Producing the Most Dangerous Shows On Earth


The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973


T-Shirt Hell - Can they put THAT on a T-Shirt? Yes, they can...


Wikipedia - The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet


Wired Magazine - Journal of the computer generation - cool graphic design too


Worth 1000 - The top image editing and art contest site on the net



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